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"The level of professionalism and commitment to fight for judtice from Sanjaydan P. Gadhvi was second to none. From beginning to end i have felt comfortable and secure while working with you and i have nothing but praise and recommendation for you"

- Mr. Rajesh Bhimani


Our Services

A Full service Law Firm, Gadhvi Associates specializes in a wide range of Civil, Criminal & Revenue Advisory Services. We take great pride in our excellent track record of providing world-class legal counsel to a wide range of clients across segments.

About Us

Our services are broadly categorized in to the following verticals :

  • Litigation
  • Criminal Proceedings
  • NRI & OCB Services
  • Maritime Laws
  • Verification & Due Diligence Services
  • Real Estate Transactions & Litigations
  • Custom & Excise Planning


Our Litigation services span a wide range from Commercial Litigation such as Claims & Injunctions to Family Law including Matrimonial Disputes.

  • Commercial Litigation such as Claims, Injunctions
  • Warrant Cancellation & issue under the Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Corporate Disputes including winding up petitions
  • Family Law Including Matrimonial Disputes, Divorce Settlements etc

Criminal Proceedings

We deal with a wide range of issues involving Criminal Laws such as:

  • Police Investigation
  • Bail
  • Frauds

Our years of experience in handling criminal cases has helped us in developing a methodical approach towards evidence building, refuting undue allegations etc as the case may be.

NRI & OCB Services

Our specialized team offers a range of solutions for Non Resident Indians as well as Overseas Corporate Bodies. In over years of our operation we have helped many individuals & corporate bodies in the areas of:

  • Taxation
  • Portfolio Investments
  • Property Management

Our success is seen not just in the number of transactions but also in the number of returning customers.

Maritime Laws

We provide assistance with a whole range of documentation services both at the Individual & Company level.

Our individual documentation services include:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Land Registration documentation

At the Company level, we assist in the following documentation:

  • Registration of Firms
  • Partnership Deeds etc

Verification & Due Diligence Services

With seasoned professionals from Law, Accounting & Private Detective Services, we undertake a number of due diligence services such as:

  • Claim Investigation & Fraud Detection
  • False Insurance Claims
  • Credit Worthiness

Real Estate Transactions & Litigations

A residential or commercial real estate transaction can be daunting on account of the significant value of the transaction as well as the numerous legal requirements that must be complied with. Our Real Estate Services comprise of:

  • Estate Planning
  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Property Disputes

Custom & Excise Planning

As a part of our taxation law services, we provide comprehensive advice on Indirect Taxes such as:

  • Customs Duty
  • Excise Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Octroi Duty etc.

Our qualified tax attorneys have extensive experience in handling a range of tax issues.

Across all our services, we have a common objective, that of providing quality legal counsel at affordable prices. For us, each client is equally important. To provide maximum value, it is a practice at our end, to assign cross functional teams to projects, to ensure all aspects of the case are covered & studied in the greatest detail.