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"The level of professionalism and commitment to fight for judtice from Sanjaydan P. Gadhvi was second to none. From beginning to end i have felt comfortable and secure while working with you and i have nothing but praise and recommendation for you"

- Mr. Rajesh Bhimani


About Us

About Us

We effectively deal with cases of harassment and demand of bribes by State/Central Government Officials and other bureaucrats and guide the victims through the process for remedial/penal measures.

We also handle criminal offenses under various Civil Laws like Companies Act, Customs Act, Excise Laws, Taxation Laws, Labour Laws, Negotiable Instruments Act, Banking Laws, Information Technology Act and host of several other civil laws.

We also undertake various civil/criminal matters like business disputes, business fraud, debt recovery, winding up petition of defaulting companies, insolvency, property disputes, inheritance, succession, arbitration, etc.

We represent several companies/institutions/entities and their middle/top level officials including directors and CEOs. We also represent several businessmen and individuals of all levels of social stature in various criminal/civil/Revenue proceedings.

We have gained a very specialized skill-Retired officer from various government departments and expertise over a period of more than 10 years of practice in handling various Criminal/Civil/Revenue/Custom/Port/Police matters.

Along with growth in Indian-Gujarat economy, risks of financial fraud and delinquent credit-worthiness have also increased. As a result, many foreign companies and individuals have been duped by or left with substantial financial loss without getting promised product/service from Indian parties. We provide due-diligence and verification service of genuineness and credit-worthiness of Indian companies / individuals to foreigners at a nominal cost.

Our long experience in a wide range of criminal/civil/Revenue matters has helped us in developing skill in building evidence, explaining in Court every aspect of charge-sheet filed by Prosecution, refuting every charge/allegation made in the FIR and breaking the prosecution or defence case, as the case may be. We have developed a very unique and methodical approach while handling criminal cases.

We have observed during our long practice that many times cases are either not properly presented or fought in a court of law due to several reasons ranging from insufficient time to lack of proper and adequate professional resources. This often may prove very dearer in criminal cases where criminal liability is involved. The applications, appeals, petitions, submissions, arguments, evidence and cross examinations are sometimes prepared hurriedly risking quality thereof. There is a dearth of qualitative arguments in courts due to work pressure. The written submissions (where necessary) are rarely submitted leaving a scope for vital points being overlooked by judges. The difficulties are also being experienced in finding and submitting important and relevant judicial rulings of higher courts due to lack of resources. As a result of these and many other reasons the lawyers/counsels and in turn their clients suffer in court cases.

In the context of aforesaid position we offer very skilled, professional and expert services at various stages of Criminal/Civil/Revenue proceedings to the clients and legal fraternity anywhere in India.

We always adopt aggressive approach in criminal proceedings.

We also give expert advice and guidance to prospective litigants and persons who expect impending legal action against them in any criminal matter, to build up the case or create documentation which may help in future legal proceedings.

We are on penal of several companies/entities to provide legal advice on a continuous basis. We also act as Constituted Attorney, Trustee or Custodian on behalf of NRIs / Foreign Nationals for their Indian interests.

Our fees are very reasonable and are directly related to amount of time and efforts involved. We take care that our fees are affordable and do not hurt our troubled clients any further.

We are in the process of setting up office and Representative Offices in all major cities in Gujarat State. We work with a very high level of professional approach through legal excellence to achieve best result for our clients in Civil, Criminal Revenue, Custom & excise, shipping matter etc.